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  1. Ouch. The API changed in TransformManager 1.94. I can no longer set the alpha of the moveCursor via TransformManager.moveCursor.alpha = 0. What is the proper methodology to hide TransformManager's moveCursor?
  2. Perhaps I should pose this question another way. Is there any way to use the moveSelection(), rotateSelection(), or scaleSelection() methods without invoking a bounding box on the target?
  3. I'm looking for a trick to hide the bounding box when an item that has been added to a TransformManager is selected. I know I can hide the center handle, and effectively diminish the other handles to nothing by setting their size to 0, but the edge of the bounding box is still visible. It would be ideal if all style (appearance) in TransformManager was handled by a separate class that I could then subclass to my liking, much like a spark skin class.