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  1. Hi All, I received an automated email that suggested I check out the showcase (Examples section) of the website. I love these examples but struggle to find how they are built with GSAP other than the basic animation here and there. (competent beginner with GSAP) I can always inspect the document, but seem to get lost other than the basics as I can never reverse engineer them when i try. How are some of these examples built? there are heaps of beginner tutorials, but nothing i can find at an intermediate or advanced level. One that is listed: https://nestpowerproject.withgoogle.com/
  2. Thank you @mikel. There are quite a few extra tricks in there that I have learnt from and will be helpful as the project builds. As I can not control the User scrolling too fast, I would like the blob to morph to whatever relative slide they are on. i.e. Blob 1 for slide 1 relates to the content. I've played with it a bit more (longer than i would like to admit), and can't seem to quite figure out how to let this occur.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to morphSVG on Slider page transitions. I have been able to get the slide transitions working. However I can't seem to figure out how to cycle through the multiple SVG's. Problem: How to cycle through SVG list as each slide goes down. Example: I have managed to have it change on scroll down and scroll up, but this limits me to just the 2 blobs. I am after; Slide 1 to have svgblob1 Slide 2 to have svgblob2 Slide 3 to have svgblob3 Slide #n to have svgblob#n I have used Mikel's Pen found in the comments here as a solid base: Thank you in advance