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  1. Thanks, for the fast response. I have tried with will-change but it's still laggy. Also on some older Windows laptops frame rate drop to 30fps or lower. Basically, I have tried to copy https://www.powerhouse-company.com/ and on their website it works perfectly well on both desktop and mobile devices. I just have no clue how they did it to be so smooth and fast.
  2. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with a Draggable plugin, or maybe it is my code error. Anyhow, the dragging animation works perfectly on desktop/laptop devices, but when you test it on the mobile device and try to move around fast by diagonal up and down, you can notice that some images are laggy. I tried everything I knew it might help, but it always gets me on mobile devices. Surely, someone of you guys maybe had some similar problem, or can give me the direction on how I can optimize this animation. Thanks in advance!