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  1. Thank you! And i think that canvas help solve the problem
  2. HI for everybody! I need your help guys to fix the problem with animation in my NuxtJS project. Here is the link http://wisead.ru It works good in Chrome, Opera, IE, Edge, but i don't know why it doesnt work good in ff I just use this code animateLines() { this.linesRotation = new TimelineMax({}) this.linesRotation.staggerTo(this.lines, .5, {scale: .6, rotation: this.rotateDeg, ease: Power3.easeInOut}, .035) this.linesRotation.staggerTo(this.lines, .5, {scale: 1, ease: Power3.easeInOut}, .035, "-=1.5") this.rotateDeg += 90 }
  3. Thank you for response. I've find the best way to resolve this problem. That's how i did it: - just copy and paste "minified" folder in "plugins" directory of your project. Then go to "plugins/minfied/plugins" open any plugin file and enter the following code in the file export default (app) => { //...plugin code here } - then in nuxt.config.js file plugins: [ { src: '~plugins/minified/plugins/PluginFileName.js', ssr: false }, { src: '~plugins/minified/plugins/OneMorePluginFileName.js', ssr: false }, ], and it works
  4. Hello for everybody. I need your help guys. I can't connect DrawSVGPlugin in to my Nuxt.js project. I tried everything you wrote above, but nothing helps