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  1. Hi, I've been developing an application in Flex Builder 3 where a user is able to add images and text to a canvas and then manipulate and export out a final JPG or PNG. I was previously using the ObjectHandles library by Rogue Development and found that it did not have as full a feature set as the AS3 Transform Manager that you provide. I have purchased the transform manager from your website and have implemented it into my application after removing all references to the previous library. The trouble I am having at the moment is that whenever I select an image the image immediately disappears and when I select a label its coordinates seem to reset themselves to the top left hand corner of the canvas (AS3 Transform Manager). It also does the same thing for any image or labels that are added dynamically to the app at runtime and was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or if this is a known bug either in the AS3 Transform Manager or in the Flex Framework. The only events that are being binded to the images and labels are to display a toolbar panel once the item has been selected allowing the user to change font colors, etc. There are also two other events that are being binded to other elements on the canvas. One event keeps the crop window (Box) centered on the canvas as well as another event which works out how far the images and labels are from this crop window for when the application window gets resized so that they stay in the same position. All those events/functions work fine as well as the events that display the toolbar options for manipulating text/images. If anyone has some suggestions please let me know as soon as possible as this is for a paid project and the deadline is creeping up. Thanks in advance.