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  1. It worked guys thankyou so much and ye it was so obvious but i was stressing so much tha i didnt think corretly. I'm very thankful guys
  2. Good night guys! I am trying to make an animation where the title of my draw are constantly changing color. I am using this function to get the color randomly function tweenToRandomColor(ctx) { TweenLite.to(ctx, 1, {colorProps:{fillStyle:"rgb(" + random(0,255) + "," + random(0,255) + "," + random(0,255) + ")"}, onUpdate:title, onComplete:tweenToRandomColor}); } And here is the function that generates the random values function random(min, max) { return (min + Math.random() * (max - min) + 0.5) | 0; } Here is the functions that ai changing color function title(){ var c = document.getElementById("acanvas").getContext("2d"); c.font="600 35px verdana"; c.fillText("SNAKES ON A PLANE",125,130); c.fill(); } Here my Main(); function main() { var c2d = document.getElementById("acanvas").getContext("2d"); capa(c2d); AllWindows(c2d); tweenToRandomColor(c2d); } I put all the code in this codepen link https://codepen.io/boladeberlin/pen/eKKNOy if someone can help me telling how to fix this "Uncaught exception: Cannot tween a null target." i will be very thankful Have a good day :D