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  1. is perfect! what was missing me was the wrapper with hoverflow hidden Thank's Paolo
  2. Hi, i'm trying to replicate the animations of the texts of this site: https://designcanada.com/ For example, how can i replicate the animation of "Stuart Ash" or "Canada's heritage of graphic design" ? It's seem that there is a mask over all. is there a particular function in GSAP? Now i only use a motion like this TitoloSezione1Tl.from($TitoloSezione1, 0.5, {x:100, delay:1, opacity:0, ease:Power1.easeOut}); Thank you all Paolo
  3. PaoloDoma

    Split Text

    Thank's! It works! I included the file in "bonus-files-for-npm-users" folder instead "minified/utils"
  4. PaoloDoma

    Split Text

    Hi, yes i load SplitText.js Thank you for help PAolo
  5. PaoloDoma

    Split Text

    Hi, i try to use SplitText but it don't work. I made a simple page and i can animate the first text block var $Test0 = $('#test0'); var Test0Tl = new TimelineMax(); Test0Tl.from($Test0, 0.28, {x:100, delay:0.5, opacity:0, ease:Power1.easeOut}); But if i try to use SplitText with the second block it don't work var tl = new TimelineLite, mySplitText = new SplitText("#test", {type:"words,chars"}), chars = mySplitText.chars; //an array of all the divs that wrap each character TweenLite.set("#test", {perspective:400}); tl.staggerFrom(chars, 0.8,