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  1. Let me know if you would be interested in my animation services. Here is a hodgepodge of animations, all in one page. http://JimmiHeiserman.com/bannerDev/
  2. oh wow, thanks so much for the quick reply. I just now googled this, and I will refresh my knowledge on this flag. For others, here is the link explaining this: https://greensock.com/immediateRender
  3. I used to be a GSAP wiz for years. But haven't touched it for close to a year, and now I feel like a noob for forgetting the very basics. "From" is supposed to tween from a provided number to the pre-existing value. I made the simplest little FROM CodePen so someone can point out how I am misunderstanding this feature from my time away from this tool. I want the words to be initialized at 200px, then animate FROM 400px (back to their 200px starting point). But it goes all the way back to 0px. What am I doing wrong?
  4. This looks exciting! Well designed illustrations. I just sent you a message via your account here.
  5. I would be interested in this project at a rate of $95/hr. I work fast and clean; if you need maintainable code to be read by another developer down the line, or small filesize limitations. My most recent demonstration site can be found here, all done in hand coded HTML, css, and JavaScript utilizing the basic AND premium access of GSAP platform. I'm a member! Jimmiheiserman.com/bannerDev jimmi.heiserman@gmail.com
  6. Yup, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Perfect solution to keep frame rate high and not waste resources.
  7. This may be a better question for a general Dev question site, but you guys are so knowledgeable of this stuff I have to ask it here. I recently created a bunch of self-contained svg animations for a client, where each svg contains it's own JavaScript and loads gsap engine and utilizes that for it's animation. A really nice trick really, kind of like an animated png; just drop it into your code as an <object>, not an img or such. But they (any animation really) hog a lot of resources when many are on a page, or when they are large. Do you know of a way to pause the animations, or auto display:none, when not on screen/below the fold? If there is a nice gsap feature that handles this, great. I imagine it's more of a JavaScript detection code to determine if it's actually on screen, and I don't know if that's possible from a self-contained svg file. Anyway, shot in the dark how people handle resource management with gsap in situations like this. Thanks.
  8. I've been staring at this for too long, some maybe I just need a second set of eyeballs on this. I really thought this single line of code should fire once every 3 seconds (after the initial 6 second wait period). But it appears to be firing twice at the same time after the first solo-fire. I must have some flawed understanding of how repeat + repeatDelay + delay works. I was expecting: nothing for first 6 seconds call function and log some text with random number wait 3 seconds call function and log some text with random number wait 3 seconds call function and log some text with random number wait 3 seconds etc... new TimelineMax({repeat:-1, repeatDelay:3, delay:6}).call(func);
  9. Thanks for showing the other way to do it too with pseudo delays and using a non-change animation as a wait timer. I cleaned up your codepen.io in a fork. I figured since we aren't actually tweening anything for those last 2 seconds, I made both the target and the vars an empty object. That's just preference though. But I did consider the yoyo:true you added to be a bug because not only do we not need it, it causes a flicker/overwrite around the second or third repeat because we don't really want to bounce backwards because we used two "to"s. But again, thanks for that codepen. Seeing how others do something expands our knowledge on this. Tweening is like a chess game, with some many ways to win, and you get better by seeing others moves and strategy you may have missed.
  10. I think I may have answered my own question. new TimelineMax().set(object, {autoAlpha:0}).to(object, 1, {autoAlpha:1}).to(object, 3, {autoAlpha:0, delay:2}).repeatDelay(4).repeat(-1); This appears to work in my example, hitting all those durations and delays of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Do others agree this is correct or can I fix it or optimize it further with just fromTo or something?
  11. I love the extreme chaining and custom animations you can make in just a single line of code. I was wondering if a repeating animation can be done like so: object starts invisible, alpha:0 immediately begin to fade in over 1 second wait and stay visible for 2 seconds fade out over 3 seconds wait 4 seconds for the animation to repeat I used durations of 1, 2, 3, and 4 to make it easy to show that I want each leg of the animation to have its own duration and delays. I imagine something like this below, but I might not even be close, or this might not be possible in a single chained command? tl.set(object, {autoAlpha:0}).fromTo(object, 1, {autoAlpha:0}, {autoAlpha:1, duration:2, repeat:-1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:2}).delay(4);
  12. Freelance Web and Banner Dev For Hire: JimmiHeiserman.com/bannerDev

    A demonstration site to show off my web and banner animation skills in HTML/CSS/Javascript.

  13. Hello Danilo, Thanks for posting here about job and project opportunities. I have sent you an email but thought I would respond here too. I have been a flash animator/programmer along with website and game development for over a decade and have transitioned to Javascript/CSS animations a few years ago as well. I have primarily worked for ad agencies in the Boston area from 2007 to present (but also San Francisco, Orange County, Philly, and Rhode Island) building websites, interactive experiences, and banners for accounts and clients such as Lego, Reebok, Adidas, Cadillac, ADP, Zappos, Hasbro, WWE/2K Games, and more. I have just completed a new demonstration site showing off cross-platform, optimized Javascript animations and some of the banner skills I am capable of building. I have worked with tight filesizes such as 100/150kb and created expandable, interactive experiences with fewer restrictions. Let me know what you think and if you have any opportunities to work together soon! JimmiHeiserman.com/bannerDev Thanks again, Jimmi Heiserman
  14. While you have hopefully already filled this position/need, I would also like to reach out as a possible future freelance candidate. I have been programming video games, websites, and banners in Flash for a decade+, and HTML/CSS/Javascript increasingly for the past 5 years. I just released my demonstration site this morning (Sept, 25th, 2018) with banner animation examples. Naturally, this translates to websites as well. Thanks for viewing. JimmiHeiserman.com/bannerDev