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  1. Well. by the time you had viewed the site I had taken the smooth scrolling out and implemented diff logic for it. The error you saw was from a different event listener that had nothing to do with the smooth scrolling. The new logic i wrote for smooth scrolling seems to be working well though! Thanks for your reply. I am pretty new to Tweening so it will take some time to adjust learning.
  2. Hi Everyone So i tried to implement the above smooth scroll. Please take a look at the where its being implemented yet it has no way near the effects of the code pen mentioned above. Below is what I used. Any help would be great. Staged-version: https://aisg-nyc.herokuapp.com/industry
  3. the site that its being referenced from is here: https://www.vrarlesfestival.com/programme/
  4. Its my fault i didn't explain myself properly. This is what i am looking for. However, I am implementing this in react and the scroll becomes so choppy and looks horrible.
  5. Hi Everyone, First time posting here. I am trying to achieve a simple animate of height on the menu once the user scrolls. I set a trigger in the code pen below. I am hoping someone can guide me how to achieve this. Thanks