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  1. I found that vue does have a way to access the dom directly, via a $refs property on the vue instance. You can set these in your vue templates, which are comparable to ids but are not in the actual rendered dom. They give you back, inside of vue, a reference to the actual dom element. That can achieve what seems needed here, letting TweenLite do its stuff, and avoiding inconvenience of verbose manual dom navigation or setting a ton of ids. I'm going to explore that pattern and my question still stands in the general area of good patterns via which these libraries can
  2. I'm learning both vue.js and greensock and looking to understand how to use these two wonderful tools in tandem. The position: as I understand it, the point of using vue.js is that you don't need to manually update the dom. Instead, you bind data properties and vue then handles dom updates for you. All you do is change the data property. I have explored using TweenLite and passing in as the first argument something from the reactive data properties of a vue component, e.g. <template> <svg width="20rem" height="20rem" viewBox="0 0 100 100">