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  1. hehe thanks @Dipscom This is pretty much what I"m looking for, except that ideally I remove one div at the time and replace this one with another one, pretty like if you guess the good name then another character appears
  2. Ok, so i did what I think you proposed I'm getting an infinite loop which is what I want, but the delay function doesn't seem to work.. but can I use gsap during the script like I did? https://codepen.io/superbenj/pen/abYLjYm
  3. Hello, I wonder if it is possible to make an animation from the data of an array? Suppose that every second I would like to change one of the 4 divs below randomly with a new character and this every second indefinitely?
  4. Can I restart an animation when completed? In this case, showing box 0 after box 3 shows when clicking on the next button?
  5. Is there a way to update ScrollSmoother onclick? because when we click on the second or third button, the footer is not visible? The pen on the top is updated!
  6. Is there a way with Gsap to adjust the parent height to fit the new requested section height and get the original height if the new section is closed?
  7. I'm using the amazing scrollSmoother. but it seems to have a problem using the navigation on the same page. When you click a section from the navigation you can't return on top of this section.
  8. superbenj

    Nested Accordion

    But on this demo, what is the right way to animate another element? like the minus appears when the menu is clicked and the plus disappears? https://codepen.io/superbenj/pen/RwxmOvQ
  9. Ok it's in second, I assumed 1 was equal, to 100% and not 1 second.Anyway, I'm gonna work on it. Thanks again for your help
  10. Oh the pen was updated https://codepen.io/superbenj/pen/ExovmRZ
  11. Another question. If I want to create a smooth animation for the content to disappear/appear, can I use a keyframe? In my pen, the first animation look's like it waits until the end of the video before starting it? once(video, "loadedmetadata", () => { tl.fromTo(video, { currentTime: 0 }, { currentTime: video.duration || 1, duration: 1, ease: "none" }) tl.to(".panel-1", { keyframes: [ {yPercent:0}, {yPercent:10, onComplete: () => { console.log('complete')}}, {yPercent:-100, ease: 'sine.out'} ] },1/4); tl.to(".panel-2", { opacity:1, },"<1.5"); tl.to(".panel-2", { keyframes: [ {yPercent:0}, {yPercent:10, onComplete: () => { console.log('complete')}}, {yPercent:-100, ease: 'sine.out'} ] },2/4);
  12. Hello I'm trying to create an animation based on the duration of a video that is played frame by frame. Actually, the first text panel disappears when the video start and the last text panel doesn't show.. Any advice on changing the first text panel after 1/3 of the duration of the video, then showing the second panel for another 1/3 and finally the last text panel for the last 1/3 and continuing the scrolling? Thank you very much for your time