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  1. Not because of the forum. We had some pretty strict "Must live near Minneapolis" requirements, so that limits things a lot.
  2. Mostly I just realized i've been doing it all wrong! I had been creating separate graphics objects for each element, and then mostly trying to tween their x, y, width, height to achieve my goals. Seeing your example and understanding that you can use Greensock to tween properties on data objects (which are then rendered in a loop) makes so much more sense. I realize this is probably Graphics Programming 101, but it was helpful to me. Thanks for taking the time to explain @OSUblake. I appreciate it.
  3. Thanks so much @OSUblake. When I first read your answer I was super confused, but it just clicked! That was a really helpful example. I appreciate it.
  4. Our company is in the digital signage business. We sell engaging motion graphics content to companies with large numbers of digital signs (airports, waiting rooms, banks, etc). We have a LOT of projects in the queue for the next few years and are looking for an experienced GreenSock animator (and web developer) to join our team in Minneapolis. Salary range is $60k - $90k + perks and benefits (but is negotiable depending on experience). Please read about the position here: https://www.screenfeed.com/careers/front-end-developer We are only looking for people who Have demonstrable GreenSock experience. Live in (or are planning to move to) Minneapolis, MN USA. Please don't apply if you're looking to work remotely. Have some web application development experience.
  5. My question is similar, but I am trying to understand how I can animate some of the shapes that are drawn on the Graphics instance. In particular I am trying to see how to animate the angle on an arc. let arc = new PIXI.Graphics(); arc.lineStyle(4, 0x000000, 1, 1); arc.arc(0, 0, 50, 0, 90); I want to change the angle from 90 to 360 (from a quarter circle to a full circle). The PixiPlugin can animate object properties (lineWidth, fillColor, etc), but is it possible to animate method calls?
  6. This is something I am also interested in figuring out. Google recently released Puppeteer, a node.js wrapper for headless Chrome. One of the primary use cases provided is screen capture. Here's a Github discussion specifically about video capture.