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  1. yes @PointC that is what I am trying to do what controls the scale and opacity timing? the next section has not reached its trigger before being seen and I want to control how big the scale is..
  2. I am trying to accomplish what I thought was going to be simple but turns out its not as simple as I thought.. I just started using gsap and scroll magic spent tons of money on courses but still haven't had any luck accomplishing my goal. I have a hero image that is fullpage there will be some text inside of it. what I want it to do is when scrolling I want the background image to scale bigger and fade revealing the next section. I was told I need tween and sm for that I have it triggering the way it needs to but I cannot get the background image to do anything I have tried several tweens codepens videos and still where i was when i started. this is a single background image set to cover the effect I am trying to accomplish is here http://www.beargrylls.com/ also does gsap have any detailed courses?
  3. my project is created using the gsap plugins i though it was. the gsap scrolltoplugin does not fire on mobile or is scrollto not gsap? @GreenSock
  4. The above pen scrolls with keyboard mouse mouse wheel on desktop but not on mobile device, upon further reading I found a swipe or drag function but it also is not firing on mobile
  5. I am about 10 hours new to gsap and what I am trying to accomplish is this transition effect https://enterthearena.digitalsurgeons.com when scrolling or clicking but I am unsure how to go about it, I have research fast click function and come up with very little examples or information. all sections with have a full screen bg image not sure if I need to accomplish this in css or can i create it in gsap ?