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  1. Hi!


    Here is my issue. I have an animation with a TimelineLite. This TimelineLite contains others nested timelines. Basically the main one is just




    So here is my problem now. I want to play either of theses timelines through a global one. Depending of the button click, I'll add one of theses timelines.




    At the beginning, when I play the master with main one, it works well and the WHOLE animations is played, as soon as I play one of the nested timeline alone, and I play the master one again, the nested ones I played are removed and don't occurs in the whole animation anymore.


    Just to remind you:


    • tl: main
    • tX: nested timelines
    • master: timeline containing either of the timelines above


    I assume as soon as you add a timeline into another one, the reference to this one into the main one is removed, is it right?


    How to deal with that?




    Codepen here: 

    See the Pen NzWqpy by anon (@anon) on CodePen