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  1. Hi I run an agency and I wish to add cool animations to all my projects that I roll out. I would love to hire an expert GSAP animator to help me with short animation based on the script I provide. This is a long term opportunity so i will be needing micro and macro animations for loaders, gallery transitions, explainer videos, button roll overs, on action buttons, unique scrolling patterns and more. Anyone keen? Cheers Sagar
  2. Yes commercial help required. For all those points mentioned.. can you quote me?
  3. To start with need micro interaction animations for: - Button click - Input type field on form - Submit - Image gallery callout (click thumbnail to view larger) Any tips to go ahead? Thanks Sagar
  4. We want to redesign our agency website and want to create a custom animation for main banners, logo, objects, texts, showcase gallery and menu. As we are short of resources I am looking for a good Gsap dev who can help us achieve our objectives. Anyone interested? We will offer: - SVGs - Animation script - Content - Images - Videos