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  1. OK I realized that I have a conflict between impress.js and gsap draggable. the moluse lag was caused by impress.js and not gsap. I have fixed that conflict and everything is now working. Thanks for your help!
  2. Well some things are improved but somethings - not so much. I switched over to the minified versions as Jack suggested and that made the difference. But I am still getting the error on ThrowPropsPlugin if I use ""text/javascript". <div id="impress-toolbar"></div> <div id="impress-help"></div> <!-- impress scripts --> <script type="text/javascript" src="..\node_modules\impress.js\js\impress.js"></script> <script>impress().init();</script> <!-- gsap scripts --> <script type="text/javascript" src="..\node_modules\gsap\s
  3. FatMunkey

    "Import" issue

    So I have a test file trying out an idea. Want to use the Draggable scroller In the screenshot below you will see that Draggable is undefined. The file paths are all correct - I have checked my script tags thoroughly. The problem seems to be due to the other two errors. See below This seems to be an issue with "import" as opposed to the " { " As an aside, That last error on the list shows up in any web page i open in Chrome. It has something to do with promises but it does not appear to be specific to ANY web page (Google mail, CNN, etc al
  4. I made a little game for a class I am taking on Udacity. I used GSAP all over the place in the game. If anyone is interested in looking at it, you can go to this GitHub Repo and download it. I would appreciate any feedback anyone wants to give. What could I have done differently or better? not just in terms of GSAP but javascript/webDev in general. Thanks in advance!
  5. right. It works in the codepen but it is not visible when I use the same code in my app. I could link to the git repo but there is a lot of code. Probably spagetti-esque!
  6. (see the codepen above) I have adapted the codepen into my little app with no changes other than where the code is (t's split up into a couple of different places due to where my draggles are.) My problem is that the path does not render at all. In the inspector i can see the path "d" attribute changing as I move the draggable and the coordinates look correct. I just cant see the path. I have tried altering z-index for the container and wrapper and the path itself but that does not seem to help. I'm stumped as to why this would happen.
  7. Well! I seriously never thought of that! Derp! Works like a charm. A hard flick and Throwprops tears it loose but, no sweat...turning it off. Thanks for the answer!
  8. I am trying to have a bezier connector between two draggable divs. I have used the code made by OUSblake at this codepen. So I can make it work, more or less. Draggable works? Check. Autoscroll works? Check. I can draw a bezier between my draggables? Check. The problem happens when I drag either of the the Things to make the area Autoscroll. The bezier seems to forget that it was attached to the divs. When I scroll back so that both of them are in view the bezier re-connects - sort of. The connection is apparently very loose because it breaks
  9. OSUBlake, Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the time you spend doing this. Well, I understand that collision detection from the ground up is not a trivial thing. It is if you re using a game engine because the engine does all that heavy lifting. I don't want to reinvent the wheel! In fact, if Unity had a good way to display HTML5/CSS/ inside of a game environment I would be doing this in Unity. As it stands, there is a Unity add-on that wil do it but it is not up-to-date with the engine version. Additionally, Unity is getting rid of JavaScript as a scripting lan
  10. I have taken the Codepen for "Draggable with "droppable" logic" (located here) and forked it and rewritten a lot of it to to get the effect i am looking for. basically, i do not want any draggable item to EVER overlap any any other draggable item. I spent a good part of the morning today searching the forum and reading up in the docs trying to think of some form of simple collision detection. The idea being to detect a collision and have a simple collision event that would make the divs bounce off of each other. that is not built in to gsap (should be!) and I have not found anyo
  11. Yes, I wrote that reply without looking at the code. Your answer to number one is spot on. Maybe I can set up a button with a click event to scroll to the location of the shape. I will come back with a reply to this with my final result just for completeness. It may be a few days. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to answer and make the codepen. I really appreciate it. Regarding number 2 - No that is not what draggable autoscroll does. It scrolls the container only when you are dragging something. I want to ALSO scroll the container when the mouse hovers near the border (not dragging anything). Having the divs all around the border of the container seems like a start. The mouse moves into the div (maybe it changes color for some feedback) and scrolling happens. I did this with the UI in Unity but that is totally different approach as it is not javascript or w
  13. Refer to the Codepen which is the autoscroll demo from GreenSock. First off, I am totally new to GreenSock. I love the smooth functionality of this right out of the box! I need some additional things for my app and I am hoping for some pointers to get me rolling in the right direction. (1) If you throw the green div and it flies out of view I want a corresponding button for that div (maybe in a top nav bar?) that will smoothly scroll the autoscroll area to bring that div back to the center of the screen. This will make it easy to find that "lost" element.
  14. Sahil, I am adapting your codepen for my own little project. I'm still learning and pretty inexperienced so I need to get some understanding. in your codepen I see variables you are calling proxies with a $ in front of the variable name ($right, etc.) Then in the variable you create and an element that is already in the DOM. What is going on here?? What does that do?