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  1. Thanks a lot to all community. Works just fine on v2.0.0 Will be able to still tweening
  2. No probleme did the same misunderstanding. Will do a basic test tomorrow and edit my post. After as ajs is all based on observable could be first undefined and then dom element as console will set value of the last one. But This is Just à sa totry to understand This behavior
  3. First of all, thanks for your answers. In my case element exist, and if i do a console.log of this element before throwing the animation, i do have tit. We had think of scope of document on angular and do an import of it, and sadly still not working. Anyway Angular 6 is available since a week. I will continu searching a way to keep using GSAP on it. Regards
  4. Hello, I'm using GSAP on Angular porject. Everything works fine on version 5. After moving to version 6 : tween code not working anymore, i got this on console : core.js:1598 ERROR TypeError: Cannot create property '_gsTweenID' on string '.content' at _register (TweenMax.js:7201) at new <anonymous> (TweenMax.js:6961) at Function.push../node_modules/gsap/TweenMax.js.TweenLite.to (TweenMax.js:7755) ... Implementation of Tween on the code is done like this : TweenMax.fromTo( '.content', .4, { top: '100%' }, { top: '0' } ); if i use document.querySelector('.className'), this is working as dom element is sent. But on chaining animation got new error in console : ERROR Cannot tween a null target Hope the report is clear enough, please fill free to ask for more detail if need. Best Regards Arnaud