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  1. Ok... Did you managed to get this to work in a banner? I have been making banners for a year now using Animate CC only and I am so struggling with getting Particles into a banner while keeping the whole ting under 150kbs :(
  2. Well that is great to know, Animate CC has great animation properties but it really lacks elements such as Parralax and other extra elements I think can only be implemented with hand written code. So I will keep a look here and download Anivendo this onto a PC and try it out
  3. Is there anyway we can contact the creator to get this working? maybe some donations.. I stupidly rely on Animate CC for all of my banner ads and this would be a HUGE powerful tool to start implementing in my work
  4. Is this still upto date? I could REALLY use these parralax effects, I tried using these bu they seem to be out of date at present!
  5. Can someone give me some feedback on this? I use Animate CC on a daily basis... is this still up and running and could you give me some Pros and Cons of both? I am currently on a mac so I cannot download and try yet!