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  1. Cool man! I'll look into that. Thanks again for being awesome! -Shane Hoffa
  2. Was this problem ever get resolved? The same thing is happening to me. I have a simple Starling sprite and I am calling... TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {bezier:[{x:209, y:126}, {x:149, y:348}, {x:300, y:345}], orientToBezier:true}); ... same result, the Sprite spins really fast around its pivot point and not the path. Thanks! -Shane
  3. I'm trying to use BezierPlugin to make my Starling sprite follow a bezier path and have it orient to the path. I'm using the following code... TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {bezier:[{x:209, y:126}, {x:149, y:348}, {x:300, y:345}], orientToBezier:true}); ...but my sprite rotates violently around it's pivot point and not along the path. Any thoughts? Thanks! -Shane
  4. I have a preloader SWF that loads in main.swf and sounds.swf via LoaderMax. I would like main to have access to the sounds in the library of sounds.swf. I know that I can use the MP3Loader, but I need to work within the current framework of the project that has all of the sounds in the main library. Any idea how I can easily access a sound class in one SWF from another? (Both being loaded in with LoaderMax) Thanks! Shane