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  1. Thax @Cassie and @PointC in the next few days, I'll browse and I'll try to understand the better way to do that
  2. yes I did a lot of changes and the class CSS that you mentioned is a bug.... but I found a solution that I don't understand why. But resolved my problem...... i putted in .hero-title this style and the problem seems to be resolved ---> text-shadow: 0px 0px #00000000; <---
  3. Try to open this link on safari if could " the text disappear "
  4. yes sorry for my bad codepen.... but the problem is on mobile and safari compatibility.... after the revert splitext the text disappear.... but i don't know why... i don't think the problem related to css could you help me on that ?
  5. but the text disappear when the splitext doing the revert
  6. Yes maybe could be related to CSS styling/browser compatibility... but i got lost... i don't what the problem comes from... i'm very tired about that.... anyway i tried to upload my code on codepen....but maybe i made a mistake....
  7. Hi tween buddies, i found a problem with splitext, I have an animation where the text has a gradient and at the end of it I'm reverting the text. During it the gradient there is but at the end on safari, the text disappears the same thing happens on a chrome smartphone... do you know why? what I doing wrong? var from_bottom = ('.hero-title'); var body = ('.cp-desc-text'); var cta = ('.btn-primary'); const innerSplit = new SplitText(from_bottom, { type: "lines", linesClass: "split_inner" }) const belowSplit= new SplitText(body, { type: "lines", linesClass: "split_body" }) const splitTimeline = gsap.timeline( { scrollTrigger: { trigger: this, markers: true }, onComplete: () => { innerSplit.revert() belowSplit.revert() } }); splitTimeline.from(innerSplit.lines, { duration: 0.8, opacity:0, rotationX:-120, force3D:true, transformOrigin:"50% 0% -150", stagger: 0.3 }, 0.4); if(body){ splitTimeline.from(belowSplit.lines, { duration: 0.6, opacity:0, rotationX:-120, force3D:true, transformOrigin:"50% 0% -150", stagger: 0.1 }, 0.9); } if(cta){ splitTimeline.from(cta, { duration: 0.6, opacity:0, rotationX:-20, force3D:true, transformOrigin:"50% 0% -150", stagger: 0.7 }, 1.2); }
  8. Hey Zach thanks for your answer. But i think i need tu put some class on scrooling, for example on screen and passed to doing the effect right? i mean is it really complicated to do that?
  9. I would like to do this effect https://www.raceface.com/ Any idea?