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  1. I'm messing around with morphSVG  in Code Pen and I'm getting some strange morphs on this after the label "C to D". The first two morphs work really well - and I'm using exactly the same process for the third but the polygons are flipping over instead of morphing in the usual way. I'm not sure whats going on.


    See the Pen qYgjgq by puffywuffer (@puffywuffer) on CodePen


  2. Ive made this blue monster SVG and I'm trying to get these horns to animate out like they are growing. So far Ive been animating the x and y values of all the segments that make up the horns with staggerTo to make them appear to grow, but I would like them to appear curved - is there a way to do this by animating each segment along the same path with morphSVG? 


    See the Pen erjRgE by puffywuffer (@puffywuffer) on CodePen



    See the Pen erjRgE by puffywuffer (@puffywuffer) on CodePen