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  1. In your demo, how we should work with events callback ? Example if you want call a event each circle ? the onRepeat not work if we put outside, stagger. It work if we put inside, but it compute from each elements. https://codepen.io/djmisterjon/pen/povgbGm
  2. Hey @OSUblake thanks you so much for this example and your time, your awesome. this help a lot
  3. Hey any tips or suggest to perform a kind of reel infinite random motions? I find my approach too redundant. Example on text matrix? I get a random behavior, but alway same from looping ! this is currently the code startMotion(){ const List = this.child.Master.children; //words //!motions words if('option motions words'){ gsap.staggerFromTo(List, 0.5, {alpha:0},{alpha:1, ease: Power1.easeIn}, 0.4); gsap.staggerTo(List, 4, { x:()=>`+=${Math.randomFrom(4,-8)}`, y:()=>`+=${Math.randomFrom(7,-10)}`, ease: Power1.easeInOut, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}, 0.2); }; }; What i would like it a way to compute a random range from a radius ? but alway random after loop cycle. Do gsap have a native easy feature to perform this? suggest welcome
  4. HO, "auto" look fixed the issue here and also a lot of other issue in my core, i guess it was the solution. gsap2 was overwrite:"auto" by default ! and gsap3 was false by default ! **** why i didn't see this before!!! I think I just found the holy grail of all my hell problems with my events in gsap3. 😪😪
  5. Hey is this a bug or a misunderstood feature. I have issue with overwrite. In this demo if we make {overwrite:true} The timeLineId 'action' should override the timeLineId 'pre' only at 3 seconde no ? And if we make {overwrite:false} The timeLine 'pre' will continue in background and make big spike after 'action'. https://codepen.io/djmisterjon/pen/VwwJeJQ would it be possible technically to make override only act when the child timeLine execute has 3 seconds? thanks for help or suggest.
  6. hi guys, the page where i love (copy paste) easing code was broken. the v2 version only. the v3 work but i alway need edit the ease string code. It possible to get back working v2 editor when you will have time plz ? thanks https://greensock.com/docs/v2/Easing
  7. With the arrival of tools in Gsap3, it would be great to see some native tools and methods to optimize debugging. It would be great to see an included method to dissect complexe timeline child data. We forget sometime js offer nice visual debugging tool like console.table. It would be great to have this kind of method at hand natively in gsap. Can be better optimized by a pro from the library to correctly remap the visual hierarchy. I do not yet know all the operation internally, a lot of information difficult to decode. But a simplified version could be interesting. maybe a thing like this gsap.utils.consoleTable(timeLine,options); Any suggest about the good way to map all good thing for debugging a complexe timeLine in a console table ? the code used upper look like this. what do you think? console.table(master.getChildren().map((c)=>{return {_id:c.vars.id,_labels:JSON.stringify(c.labels),...c } }))
  8. i can't see the commit or the beta branch to build a UDM. Any chance to get a udm version of this fix? Where your publish beta dev? https://github.com/greensock/GSAP
  9. hey nice bug It convert number to string! https://codepen.io/djmisterjon/pen/YzzRRWL
  10. OKK , here the hell solution for gsap 3 i use getById, and all work fine. Test it, if you use line 21 instead of line 22 all will broke, . killTweensOf seem also kill the current timeLine, so with id this fix all. So it ok guys tanks, i share solution if somebody have same issue gsap2=>gsap3. I love now the id manager from gsap. https://codepen.io/djmisterjon/pen/WNNYgjp
  11. ok i think i found my solution, i think this way can be ok, i will try refactorings my initializes steps from events like this for gsap3. My first test seem work and i don't get strange behavior.. So i will encapsulate all gsap.set in a call like this in my timeLine. (function(){ const master = new gsap.timeline(); function ini() { const tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.call(() => { gsap.killTweensOf(source); gsap.set(source, {...target}) // others setter initialize stuff... }) return tl.to({},{}); }; master.add( ini(),'init'); })()
  12. Hey thanks @ZachSaucier Yep i understand now ,for the console in codePen, logicly i was thinked the getter open on async values and computed the values after like Developer tool, but now i understand. And the console log in developer tool not showed, it a know Bug from Vivaldi dev forum, so it why i was lost on debugging here. So now , don't ask me why, my events worked fine in gsap2, in gsap 3 i need refactoring all my events systems because it broken. This is fine, but i have difficulty to think about the new process in my timeLine events with some features. This is my current issue. To make it simple, how can I get A, B, C as order in log but keeping this similar structure! I understand after deep debug my events, what broken in my camera engine, as you can see here, the log C give {a:0,b:0c:0} But if you comment the line 16, the log C work fine and give {a:100,b:100c:100} How i can log A,B,C and call killTweensOf in timeLine? https://codepen.io/djmisterjon/pen/BaaGxbZ Thanks in advance and also for the tips of empty tween , it work fine for me. I hope you understand with a visual, I am a bit rusty sometime in english sorry..
  13. ok it will teach me to use a browser debug inspector! Waste time here, don't use vivaldi chromium with codePen ! all console log are wrong, also the one include in codePen. It completely lost me! Working on fireFox.
  14. hum i think i get another weird bug here with my current timeLine setup in my project. All my event seem broken. I think values are not compute on .set(). Here the small context of userCase. You should see 2 console.log 1:'call:0 succeed' 2:' a:10, b:10, c:0' we don't get the log 'call:0 succeed', if the timeLine times are 0. if we add example time = 1, we get 'call:0 succeed', but set values seem not hacked, and leaved to `a:0, b:0, c:0` codepen Can you confirm, or something change in the core ?