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  1. Thanks for checking this out, did you use Firefox for testing? I think your banners are reading also keyboard events, could that be reason for slowness as game is also keyboard controlled... I just tested a little again and our games work a lot faster with other 3rd party animated ads such as WarThunder and OverWatch animated banners, also HBO video ads are ok. I am not sure if priority rendering is possible I would not like to blacklist any banners, but of course usability for the game site itself is priority for us.
  2. Sorry, I only saw this TweenLite brand inside my Firefox stack trace, always when my games have trouble, so I wrote here for help, I don't want to blame you. Maybe you could detect somehow two TweenLite ads running at same time, and do something for CPU use, or is it best solution for 3rd party website owners to give a command like TweenLite.ticker.fps(15); I will try to add here a more detailed stack from firefox soon
  3. The web page has actually two "Tank Ads" appearing there at same time, one is vertical and one is horizontal, and all games having the slowness problem are done with Phaser yes. Sorry to bother you here, I don't want to be rude or anything I think your GreenSock as excellent, but its good to have the workaround code to priorize the primary content of page and slow down the ads; I just tried to give this command TweenLite.ticker.fps(15); to firefox javascript Console, but got error TweenLite is not defined, but I can see it on performance tab. TweenLite.ticker.fps(15);
  4. We use DFP and have multiple domains+websites, we dont want to start blocking ads, instead I think you should fix the issue in your code library somehow?
  5. Ok I have just sent you the game URL in private msg, please test with Firefox, its easiest browser to reproduce this issue. Please notice problem occurs even with one tween banner ad , but sometimes there are two tween banners at screen at same time.
  6. Hello our free games website contains html5 games (made with Phaser platform) but nowadays these modern animated banners are taking all CPU , and our games are not playable any more. Click here to see Call Tree. https://pasteboard.co/Hi64jRb.png Any ideas how to fix this?