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  1. Hi Guys, I think this issue might still be persisting on Mobile/tablet. I'm looking at the codepen demo on an iPhone & iPad Pro (iOS 15) and the snapping is jumping around, snapping back to start rather than the next slide... Please could you take a look at demo on these devices to verify? https://codepen.io/GreenSock/full/YzygYvM
  2. Brill, Thanks for quick fix - Have an Ace Chrimbo, Paddy
  3. We hit some issues when trying to keep ApplicationDomains the same for child swfs. Setting LoaderMax.defaultContext = new LoaderContext(true, ApplicationDomain.currentDomain); didn't seem to to anything. Turns out that DisplayObjectLoader only uses defaultContext if _isLocal == false i.e } else if (_context == null && !_isLocal) { _context = (LoaderMax.defaultContext != null) ? LoaderMax.defaultContext : new LoaderContext(true, new ApplicationDomain(ApplicationDomain.currentDomain), SecurityDomain.currentDomain); } This is causing us problems for local testing. It can be solved by passing in a context to each LoadItem but what do you think about changing LoaderMax.defaultContext to work irrespective of _isLocal? (or ability to override it?) Paddy