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  1. Here is the case. Its just the code since I dont have the pictures online. When this is uploaded to google https://h5validator.appspot.com/ the banner is blurry for a second https://h5validator.appspot.com/adwords/asset?result=6720601785630720 ???? Here is the code: https://codepen.io/tombra1975/pen/bGNYrMQ
  2. Hi I have used a the "same" greensock code for a long time to produce banner animation. But after the update(GSAP 3) I am having problems when I upload banners to Google. The background image is blurry for a second and the animation dont start before after 3 seconds. This also happens when i try to upload banners that where okay in the validator a few weeks ago
  3. That could work, thank you But how exactly do i get the onComplete callback to show a new image? As you understand, I am a newbie
  4. Hi I have a looping animation. After all the loops is finished i want to end up with a box/image that is not in the loop? How can i do that My start is something similar to this;