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  1. Sorry for my delay. I've testet the new Zip an it's working in the Test-App. Next week I want to integrate it in our main application. Can you deplay the new version of gsap as beta-version to npm-repo? Best regards, Marcel
  2. Sorry, I saw that my IDE doesn't pushed all files to the repo. Now all files available. GSAP-ES6 are in node_modules (in testLib and app). Please update the project and follow these steps: - cd app - npm run build - npm run dev - run http://localhost:8080/ in browser In Chrome I get this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'exports' of object '#<Object>' at Definition.check (testLib.js:5964) at new Definition (testLib.js:5974) at window._gsDefine (testLib.js:5980) at gs._class (testLib.js:5987) at testLib.js:6001 at Object.<anonymous> (testLib.js:5844) at Object.node_modulesGsapTweenLiteJs (testLib.js:7891) at __webpack_require__ (testLib.js:30) at Object.node_modulesGsapIndexJs (testLib.js:8602) at __webpack_require__ (testLib.js:30) If you have to change the testLib, after that you have to build it new: - cd testLib - npm run build
  3. Of course, I have in node_modules the normal version of GSAP in the gsap folder and the es6 version in gsap-es6, to switch between both versions. Now I have updated the repo. gsap-es6 is removed and es6 version is copied to node_modules/gsap. Lib an app now use es6 version of GSAP. Please open app folder in terminal an run: "npm run dev" In console I get "Uncaught TypeError.
  4. Hi Jack, I've build a example: https://gitlab.com/ard.admin/gsap https://gitlab.com/ard.admin/gsap.git In the example you have two projects. First is the app und secound the dependency (testLib). TestLib is build as UMD-Library. App imports testLib. I've pushed all node_modules in the repo. In both index.js you see imports for es6-version and normal-version, so you can toggle it. If you change the import in testLib you have zo re-build.
  5. Sorry, I have no good news. If I use the UMD-Version of GSAP in the dependency and the main app, the import of GSAP in the app is a empty object.
  6. Hi all, in a Project I want to use GSAP. It's a NPM-Project and bundled with Webpack 4.6.0. GSAP is imported via import { TweenLite } from "gsap"; Now TweenLite ist undefined. If I import GSAP via import TweenLite from "gsap/TweenLite" it is also undefined. If I alias GSAP in webpack.config it is also undefined. The Problem is, that I use a dependency in the project that uses GSAP too. The dependency is bundled as a UMD-Library by Webpack. If have the following import { someFunction } from "theExternalLib"; import { TweenLite } from "gsap"; GSAP in the dependency works fine, but in my app TweenLite is undefined. If have the following import { TweenLite } from "gsap"; import { someFunction } from "theExternalLib"; I can use TweenLite in my app, but in the dependency GSAP is undefined. In both examples GSAP on the last import is not available. The dependency uses jQuery. If I import jQuery in my app I can use it without any problems and the dependency works too. The jQuery in my app is the one from the appropiate import. Many thanks in advance for any help.