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  1. Thanks for confirming my guess ... And thanks for the NSFW videos with gang signs.
  2. I was trying to do directional rotations in Three.js and encountered some weird/interesting behaviors... Using "_ccw" will actually result in clockwise rotation while "_cw" lead to counterclockwise rotation. That effect is happening regardless of whether I put positive/negative radians before the string. I have checked this plugin "whipped together" by the almighty code god but it doesn't cover directional rotations in Three.js. Anyways.. at least I could do directional rotations now!! Just wanna share. Maybe it's because how Three.js use positive number for counterclockwise rotation and negative number for clockwise?
  3. On behalf of the whole Scranton Office, we thank you, Carl.
  4. I am trying to use directional rotation plugins together with pixi.js plugins. However, it doesn't seem to be working. If you undo the comments in the codepen: https://codepen.io/asiankingofwhales/pen/RyNKBR?editors=0010, you could see that I tried three different ways: 1 directly adding "_cw" doesn't work 2. using directional rotation plugin without pixi.js plugin result in crazy rotating 3. combining directional rotation plugin with pixi plugin doesn't work at all. no rotations. Can anyone help? Or if this is not possible yet, can anyone shed some lights on how to do directional rotations with pixi.js? This is the simplified versions of a project I am working on: https://codepen.io/asiankingofwhales/pen/JvoWYY?editors=0010. Basically, I have a constantly rotating object, then at one point, I decide to rotate it to a certain point. However, I want all the rotations to be clockwise, which isn't possible at this point. I tried accessing the current rotations values, and then calculate the difference between the current and the destination values, then using the "=+" to do clockwise rotation. However, the value I am accessing always seems to be outdated. Because if the rectangle is constantly rotating, I might be getting a rotation value now, but by the time I used it to calculate differences, it's already moving to a bigger rotational angle. Or am i wrong? Any other other solutions to this problems?