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  1. Thanks Jack, Actually I'm interested in: We can make this license cover the end users of that product so that they won't need to get a license of their own Because the banner-makers will be making money from their customers. but you say... " it wouldn't be fair, for example, if 1 developer builds a tool that lets thousands of people build custom GSAP animations via a GUI under a standard single-developer license". Does that mean I would have to buy multiple dev licenses (one is 200.- yearly right?) if I want to sell my GUI? Anyway if it's a special contract, could you please give me your email and I'll contact you.
  2. A c++ dev. decides to create a GSAP GUI and sells it to banner makers. A banner maker downloads GSAP and uses the GUI to create banners which he sells to different companies. Who has to buy a commercial license : The dev, the banner-makers, the companies ?
  3. Thanks, that draggable plugin fits the bill perfectly... I can now pause the timeline, move & resize elements and un-pause the timeline
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make some functions to resize a circle and move it around using the mouse. It works (check the codepen I made), but... Only if the playhead is moving or at least in a playfull state XD. When paused I cannot influence my circle. Isn't there a kind of refresh command I could use in my functions to still make GSAP read the new style at the time of pause?