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  1. I've made good progress on this project - now working to build a menu with the button labels coming from each loadermax segment in the XML. I'd like to derive the segment names from each loaderMax node: trace("Segment Name is: "+LoaderMax.getLoader(_xml.LoaderMax[currentSegment].@ name)); but this returns "LoaderMax 'Segment Name 1'" Here is the XML: <courseList> <courseName>Name of Course</courseName> <LoaderMax name="Segment Name 1" maxConnections="2" prependURLs="assets/" load="false"> <VideoLoader name="segment1" url="segment_
  2. Carl- I've made some more progress, VideoLoader & SWFLoader are loading simultaneously from a series of Loader Max nodes: //VideoLoader LoaderMax.getLoader(_xml.LoaderMax[currentSegment].VideoLoader.@name).load(); addChild(LoaderMax.getContent(_xml.LoaderMax[currentSegment].VideoLoader.@name)); //SWFLoader LoaderMax.getLoader(_xml.LoaderMax[currentSegment].SWFLoader.@name).load(); addChild(LoaderMax.getContent(_xml.LoaderMax[currentSegment].SWFLoader.@name)); Using this approach, how do I assign the parameters to the loader? It picks up values, like position x= "400" y = "240"
  3. Carl- Thanks for your detailed response... I've updated the xml and set up an XML loader and handler - it seems to be loading properly. <videoList> <coursename>Course 1</coursename> <introAnim>intro</introAnim> <settingAutoPlay>1</settingAutoPlay> <settingLMS>1</settingLMS> <LoaderMax name="segment1Files" maxConnections="1" prependURLs="assets/" load="false"> <VideoLoader name="segment1" url="segment1.mp4" height ="370" width="278" scaleMode="none" centerRegistration="true" alpha="1" autoPlay="
  4. I'm porting an existing flash framework for an online course that previously had all of the assets hard coded in AS3 over to LoaderMax. I'm planning to externalize all references to the media assets (video, swf) along with course settings to a single XML and load with LoaderMax. The XML file also contains cuepoints for each node that trigger timeline labels using TimeLineMax when a videocuepoint is reached. I've done some testing using addASCuePoint with VideoLoader. Looking for suggestions on the structure of the XML so that it best supports the LoaderMax platform. Is it better to add
  5. Here is an answer to my own question - found it here: http://www.greensock.com/tweening-tips/ TweenLite.delayedCall(6, fadeDown); Thanks, VIZINT
  6. I've got a project that must be less than 30kb, so I'm using Tweenlite. Is there a way to hold a tween for a certain amount of time without using the delay parameter? I'd like to hold a tween for a few seconds before looping back to the function that starts the tween. This is the statement that I'm using now. TweenLite.to(button, 1.2, {delay:4, alpha:1, scaleX:1.0,scaleY:1.0, delay:3, blurFilter:{blurY:0, blurX:0},ease:Bounce.easeOut,onComplete:initScene}); I could have sworn I used something like this in another project. Many Thanks! VIZINT