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Carl last won the day on April 4 2019

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Carl last won the day on April 4 2019

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  1. By encourage I think he meant "incessantly bugged me for 2 years" Now, that Craig got his blog up, I'll move on to @OSUblake The world needs a GSAP + Pixi hero. Great job, Craig. I'm truly impressed. I can't wait to finish reading all of it. I'm sure motiontricks.com will be a tremendous resource for anyone learning and mastering GSAP. I'll whole-heartedly recommend it. When's the next post going live?
  2. Yeah, with GSAP 3 you have many more options for staggering. Check out this video on the stagger object which lets you stagger from "end" and "center" animation.from(split.chars, {opacity:0, y:50, ease:"back(4)", stagger:{ from:"end", each:0.05 }}) Demo here: https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/BajxopX
  3. @GreenSock thanks, the new file fixes the issue. I don't need a container div for the svg now and i'm getting a better understanding of how pinning works. @mikel love your humor I drew the car (kind of traced it) in Flash many years ago. I've gotten a lot of miles out of it for many lessons through the years. I was surprised how well the SVG export from Flash held up in the browser.
  4. thanks, zach. Mikel, I'm shocked. You should have these everywhere (VW GTI or Golf)
  5. perhaps this is still related to the display:inline thing. But now with .carWrapper (white background) as the trigger, notice that it is twice as tall as it should be. If you comment out all the JS code you will see the white background of carWrapper is just about the height of the svg car (as expected) When the js runs, the wrapper div grows in height. it gives the impression the car is moving diagonally from top left to bottom right as you scroll.
  6. thanks for the speedy help. i realized a few minutes after posting that what you said here is most likely my big issue. but I was also having trouble just pinning the car when it wasn't in the container and you are most likely onto something with that display:inline thing. Thanks!
  7. I'm working on a lesson for pinning and getting some weird results in the attached pen. It seems that when the animation starts the #car's container div .carContainer collapses making the white background go away. Also the "more text" is moving up while the animation is being pinned and scrubbed, and then oddly jumps back down when the animation is complete. I was expecting the default pinSpacing to keep the "more text" hidden and only come into view when the car becomes un-pinned. Also, when the animation gets unpinned you will see the car is under its container div instead of inside it. It's likely there is some css setting I'm missing or something else I'm doing wrong, but stumped at the moment. Thanks for you help best viewed on desktop https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/eYJyZgv?editors=0010 EDIT: The demo above has been heavily modified since this thread started
  8. Yup there is no video export for JavaScript animations created in Animate because they run in a web browser. Best you can do is record your screen using ScreenFlow, camtasia or whatever your OS supports.
  9. I tried to break down toggle actions in a simple form in this video. Also there’s a great demo from GreenSock that is great to study
  10. This post reminded me that I had promised to release a video from my courses about this to the public. The video below shows how powerful tweenTo() and tweenFromTo() are as they enable you to play any segment of a timeline in any direction any amount of times. You can also nest those segments in other timelines unlimited times. It's NUTS! demos free on the blog: https://www.snorkl.tv/gsap-tweento-and-tweenfromto/
  11. This is basically the same thing as Craig's awesome demo but without the webkit stuff. it seems to work fine in modern browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Safari). https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/mdeYQWO?editors=0010 If you are using the Easel plugin it's important that you are using EaselJS and working with an image in an html5 canvas (no css or html img tags). From your previous replies it wasn't clear that you were doing that. You can learn more about EaselJS at https://www.createjs.com/easeljs . GreenSock's EaselJS Plugin helps a lot with that but if you are just making your way into web development I'd recommend sticking with the CSS and HTML side of things and focusing on the fundamentals. Since you're just getting started, check out my free GSAP 3 Express YouTube Playlist. You can learn a lot just from watching.
  12. Carl

    Tales From A Rookie

    Great job,Greg! i think other beginners will appreciate your beginner perspective. The delivery was very clear and you stayed in topic. Keep going! Carl
  13. Carl


    Hey Greg, It's great that GreenSock approves of posting these things in here and I think folks would appreciate seeing more of that type of stuff here. I'd encourage you (as I have Mr @PointC too ) to also create a blog as it will help you and others more easily find this stuff. Some of PointC's best work has been swallowed into the bottomless bowels of this place and only a rare few know it exists. YouTube is great too. I posted the other day on twitter how some silly little Flash trick i published has been helping people for 9 years. You'll be surprised how much you will learn and how much you can help people through these little tips. Go for it!
  14. cool animation! i took a minute to make the changes you probably need. please see comments in code https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/gOaBqjZ?editors=0010 If you need a crash course on upgrading to V3 and learning all the "new tricks" check out my courses in my sig below. I'm confident they will save you many hours of frustration and help you streamline your approach.
  15. Yeah, that sounds like it could resolve some of the issues.