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Carl last won the day on April 4 2019

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Carl last won the day on April 4 2019

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  1. +1 for shuffle array helper function +1 for a random option for staggers built into the engine, could be very useful The "single" effects are interesting, but I agree that they are a bit of an edge case. Great demos, @themepunch you made your case very clearly!
  2. sounds like Coding Math with Keith Peters: https://www.youtube.com/user/codingmath An @OSUblake favorite.
  3. Carl


    Hi Dez, The reason why your sun slows down is because every animation by default has an ease of "power1" which makes objects slow down. For constant speed you can set ease:"none" on your tween gsap.to(".sun", { motionPath: { path: "#path", align: "#path", start: -1, end: -1, }, ease:"none" //do this duration: 5, repeat: -1, }); As for the drift, someone else will have to address that. I'm not sure.
  4. if you don't need each letter to fade or do any animation you can just use the text plugin https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/mdyBJRZ?editors=1010
  5. Yes, Use the object-based syntax for the stagger and set the from value to "center". You can change your code to: HeroTL.from(chars, {duration: 0.1, opacity:0, ease: "Sine.InOut", stagger:{from:"center", each:0.03}}, "+=0"); for more advanced timing control check out:
  6. I know nothing about babylon or the playground so not sure how to fix things in your playground. it seems gsap is undefined when your scripts run. GSAP changes numeric properties of objects so it can work fine with Babylon.js or any js object that has numeric property values. It appears Babylon objects have rotation objects, scaling objects, and position objects so to tween the x and y values of those it looks like: gsap.to(box.rotation, {y:12, x:5, duration:4, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}) gsap.to(box.position, {x:5, duration:4, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}) gsap.to(box.scaling, {y:0.5, duration:2, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}) i forked someone's codepen demo of a babylon cube and added that code to it: https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/ExaNJpB?editors=0010 Your biggest issue seems to be getting gsap to load and be globally accessible before your scripts run. perhaps someone else can help with that.
  7. hi jonathan456, this seems to be what you are looking for. forum-particles.zip
  8. if i understand correctly I think tweenTo() and tweenFromTo() can help https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/JjoGMOy?editors=0010 docs: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/Timeline/tweenFromTo()
  9. Carl

    GSAP .delay()-problems

    either of these options will work tween.delay(5).restart(true); //true means the delay will be honored when restart() is called gsap.delayedCall(5, ()=> tween.play());
  10. In the future please provide those types of details in advance. thx. If you aren't going to load TweenMax you need to load CSSPlugin <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/2.1.3/plugins/CSSPlugin.min.js"></script>
  11. welcome to the forum. i put some console.log()s inside the functions in your animation.js file. none of them fired. According to the dev tools' network inspector animation.js is never loading. try to solve that. the animation code looks good.
  12. hi @emmanuelulloa sorry to hear you hit a snag. I look forward to seeing some positive reviews here The great thing about itsybanner is that there are no guidelines or requirements for how your banner needs to be designed and structured. However, it seems like this community is good at finding some weak spots in itsybanner. The good news is those errors are flagged and the algorithms are improved to handle whatever you throw at it. Your banner should work now. Please give it another shot. If you still have trouble feel free to message me a zip.
  13. your little star is in a big square. the registration point is like 300 pixels to the left of the star shape. the scale gets applied from the top left corner of that big square. the star gets moved offstage very quickly during the scale. change your stage to 800px wide and use this code: TweenMax.to(this.s1, 2.5, {delay: d+=0.25, scaleX:2, scaleY:2, alpha:1}); you'll see it works fine. you should edit your symbol so that the star doesn't have all those wasted empty pixels around it and set the transformation point accordingly. https://prnt.sc/pptdjd also easeljs items do not have a scale property.
  14. the code looks good to me. please zip your fla and attach it here. please reduce the file so it only has the movieclip and code in question. thanks.
  15. I'd also suggest using a CustomEase for this as you can smooth out the transition into the linear portion. I quickly made this one (scroll down to ease visualizer) Start fast and ease into linear https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/MWWjLzx?editors=1010