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Carl last won the day on April 4

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Carl last won the day on April 4

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  1. if i understand correctly I think tweenTo() and tweenFromTo() can help https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/JjoGMOy?editors=0010 docs: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/Timeline/tweenFromTo()
  2. Carl

    GSAP .delay()-problems

    either of these options will work tween.delay(5).restart(true); //true means the delay will be honored when restart() is called gsap.delayedCall(5, ()=> tween.play());
  3. In the future please provide those types of details in advance. thx. If you aren't going to load TweenMax you need to load CSSPlugin <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/2.1.3/plugins/CSSPlugin.min.js"></script>
  4. welcome to the forum. i put some console.log()s inside the functions in your animation.js file. none of them fired. According to the dev tools' network inspector animation.js is never loading. try to solve that. the animation code looks good.
  5. hi @emmanuelulloa sorry to hear you hit a snag. I look forward to seeing some positive reviews here The great thing about itsybanner is that there are no guidelines or requirements for how your banner needs to be designed and structured. However, it seems like this community is good at finding some weak spots in itsybanner. The good news is those errors are flagged and the algorithms are improved to handle whatever you throw at it. Your banner should work now. Please give it another shot. If you still have trouble feel free to message me a zip.
  6. your little star is in a big square. the registration point is like 300 pixels to the left of the star shape. the scale gets applied from the top left corner of that big square. the star gets moved offstage very quickly during the scale. change your stage to 800px wide and use this code: TweenMax.to(this.s1, 2.5, {delay: d+=0.25, scaleX:2, scaleY:2, alpha:1}); you'll see it works fine. you should edit your symbol so that the star doesn't have all those wasted empty pixels around it and set the transformation point accordingly. https://prnt.sc/pptdjd also easeljs items do not have a scale property.
  7. the code looks good to me. please zip your fla and attach it here. please reduce the file so it only has the movieclip and code in question. thanks.
  8. I'd also suggest using a CustomEase for this as you can smooth out the transition into the linear portion. I quickly made this one (scroll down to ease visualizer) Start fast and ease into linear https://codepen.io/snorkltv/pen/MWWjLzx?editors=1010
  9. Just want to report back that Davi and Ohem were both kind enough to supply the banners that revealed some bugs in itsybanner and those bugs have been fixed! I'd encourage folks to give it another shot. Try throwing some banners with uncompressed images at it to see how small they can get. You can save a ton of time by allowing itsybanner to handle the compression.
  10. Hi Davi, Thanks for the detailed bug report. Ugh that's a bit embarrassing. I'll reach out to you privately so hopefully my friend can resolve the issue.
  11. Hey folks, My buddy built an online tool for minifying and compressing banner ads. He's been working with large-scale banner campaigns for 20 years and is always looking to "solve problems with code". He showed me Itsy Banner yesterday and it pretty much blew me away. It's still in beta but ready for testing. He asked me if I knew anyone who could give feedback. I told him I know where all the pros hang out 😎 I know some of you have talked about gulp tasks you run and similar tools. Very curious to hear your thoughts on this and whether or not you've seen anything better out there. I made a very informal video highlighting what it does: Please take a few zips of your banners and drop them on http://itsybanner.com/ or just press the demo button to see a bunch of pre-made banners. Some quick notes: no special coding is required in your banner! you can optionally set up a config.js file for image compression and a bunch of other stuff got some crazy three.js + gsap banners? Throw them at it. Let's see what it can do. I don't want this to turn into a big Itsy Banner support thread... just looking for some initial feedback to help him get this thing off the ground. Hopefully even in beta this thing can end up saving you some time and make your production easier. Thanks! Carl
  12. sheesh, you had to lure me out of the shadows this soon? Love it. Congrats on turning 3,000!
  13. Hi @info@wolfram-brandhoff.com welcome to the GreenSock forums. When you using Animate CC you can only animate properties that exist on EaselJS DisplayObjects: http://www.createjs.com/docs/easeljs/classes/DisplayObject.html Animate CC's html5 canvas output does not support 3D
  14. If you're looking for a plugin that will automate the building of a slider, that isn't a tool that GreenSock provides. You might want to Google jquery slider or jquery carousel for something like that. GreenSock's tools are more for developers that want to write their own code and tap into the animation capabilities of the engine. If you want to invest some time into learning GSAP, I think you'll find the basics will come quickly. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.