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  1. Hello, The support and help in the forums is great. I really like seeing how each of the experts approach the same issue or question. All the answers are valid but it's nice there is a choice on how to solve your issue that matches your level of understanding. I find making GSAP snippet pens (GSAP Snips) really helpful. Each pen only focuses one or two things at a time. Animations are kept really simple so my attention aimed at what I am trying to learn/understand rather then what I am trying to do. For instance, I created a GSAP Snip for addLabel(). I checked out the examples in the docs/videos and created a basic animation for each way addLabel() can be applied to a timeline. For each of the examples, I add notes and reminders in the comments. So at a later time when thinking, how is this applied again, I just look at the snip and to get a quick refresh. The Snips also provide me with a place to test things out so I don't have to mess around with the code in the current project. This method is helping me build a core foundation so I am spending less time getting sidetracked.