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  1. Hi I have a question about getting a value of an object with _gsTransform. I get undefined and i have to use GreenProp to get values. I would like to know what am i doing wrong. Here is my code: TweenLite.set( picObj.picture, { scale: _s, x: _tempX, y: _tempY }); console.log("gp: ", GreenProp.x(picObj.picture)); console.log("_gsTransform: ", picObj.picture._gsTransform.x); Log from _gsTransform is undefined, log from GreenProp is a value i set. What am i doing wrong? Tnx hf Luka
  2. Hi While testing in flash i found out that SWFLoader did not use alternateURL when i added property estimatedBytes. Example 1: bgAssetsLoader.append(new SWFLoader("swfs/backgroundAssets/background/background.swf", { alternateURL: "background/background.swf", name: "background" + "Loader", container: bgHolder } )); Flash found swf via alternateURL and displayed content. Content was displayed normally when using swf that loaded background via normal url property. Example 2: bgAssetsLoader.append(new SWFLoader("swfs/backgroundAssets/background/background.swf", { alternateURL
  3. Hi Well issue resolved. Problem was that I used alternateURL property as I am loading swfs from different locations (in folder structure). I just switched main and alt url path. So i get errors when i recompile swf inside folder but i do not get them when loading from main swf that is above all folders. It did not work in Safari because url path was not correct and loading hang instead switching to alt url. Do not know why. Firefox was able to switch to alt url and proceed. tnx for support Luka
  4. Well i think i have latest version. Where can i check which version i have on my computer? I guess it does not matter i will just download again and recompile all swfs and try again. Anyway fla will do you no good as it is used only for document class that is external. Currently i have setup like this: Index.swf loads page.swf that loads bgAssets.swf and interactiveAssets.swf each of these loads a few swfs. I am thinking of changing all that so page.swf will load all of the swfs and than i will work from there. What is better or lets say more optimized solution? update. i tried hole t
  5. Hi I am making page and i just finished most of my outer framework that i need to load all ( well not all yet it is work in progress) swfs that i require. Page works great in firefox and chrome but does not work in safari and ie. In both browsers preloading stops at 92% and does not continue. It just hangs there. Any had similar problems? Any ideas? tnx Luka
  6. Tnx a lot for clearing this for me. It is what you said.I made one loader swf that loads other swfs and preloader swf that loads loader swf and it works like docs say it will. I trace preloader complete event after all subload traces. I just did not use ENTER_FRAME event to start the hole thing in the first place. Just for the fun of it i tried again with ENTER_FRAME and it did not work so that was my problem. tnx a lot. this class rocks. Luka
  7. Hi I understand what you mean. I will try and will let you know. tnx Luka
  8. Hi That would be really great. I have attached both. So far i made workaround with custom event that is dispatched but it would be better to use MaxLoader class events. tnx for your help Luka
  9. Hi I am having truble integrating child swf loaders in to main swf loading. I read docs and it should work by default but i can no get it to work. My parent swf fires its complete event before child swf finishes with its loads. My setup is as like this: index.swf that contains following code: pageLoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name: "pageLoaderMax", onComplete: pageLoaded, requireWithRoot:this.root}); pageLoaderMax.append( new SWFLoader("page.swf", {name:"pageLoader", container: pageHolder, requireWithRoot:this.root }) ); pageLoaderMax.load(); } ////preloaderLoaded functi
  10. Hi Well it does to some extent. What is the best practice for using LoaderMax and/or SWFLoader regarding garbage collection. Is it best to use autoDispose to get rid of loader after it has done its job, or is it better to keep it around? I am building a website and garbage collection is very important for me for this project as it must function as smoothly as possible. (for that reason i am using greenSock tween engine, it the best ) Luka
  11. Hi I have a question about SWFLoader. Do i need to remove any event listeners in onCompleteHandler? I was used to write my code like that function onCompleteHandler(e:Event):void { loader.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteHandler); loader = null; } And i wander what do i have to do when using SWFLoader and LoaderMax. tnx hf Luka