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  1. thanks for the reply.


    I'm using AS3 and yes, the image I want to load is from my local library. I see you have LoaderMax, perhaps I should post there, but any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I will also check out the other resources you suggested.


    thanks again!

  2. Hi,


    I have d'loaded the latest package and don't find LiquidStage included. Am I missing something?


    While here, I'll tell you what I'm trying to do to be sure whether it is possible or not -


    In simplest terms, I have a small stage and I want the stage to grow on a rollover event (this is for an AIR app).


    (I do notice that http://www.greensock.com/liquidstage/ describes it as "LiquidStage – Automatically Reposition/Stretch DisplayObjects in Full-Browser SWFs", so I'm thinking I'm barking up the wrong tree)


    In any case, utlimately, as mentioned above, I want the stage to grow on a rollover event.


    Is this possible?


    I am very much a newbie at all of this.


    many, many thanks,