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  1. I would really need this function aswell, kind of why I bought the Transform Manager in the first place , thought that "Origin" would be the solution, but unfortunatly not. I aswell need to set a Point on the TransformItem, from which it'll rotate / scale. Please post any solutions for this, and I'll be dancing in joy!
  2. Ohh.. Thank you! Now it works locally atleast, but not If I point it at an http://... request. Crossdomain.xml is there.. Have you encountered that before?
  3. Well thanks for your help, but unfortunatly I am still stuck. I've attached the .fla to this post, if you could take a look at it it would be great. I'm still getting ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable 'TestFont' is not defined.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply! If I don't export it, my .swf get 0kb.. It's an empty .fla only for holding fonts.. I've also tried adding a textfield onto stage, and using the Font I've created as font family, still no go. I now I get this error, when using: var fontClass:Class = loadFont.getClass("TestFont"); Font.registerFont(fontClass); Gives me: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable 'TestFont' is not defined.
  5. I'm stuck here. Using FB 4 with Flash CS5. I've tried several different solutions of dynamically loading fonts. It seems like you know how to do it. This is how I've done in CS5: I then load this SWF with the greensock loader class, and when load is complete, I use the examplecode you submitted: var fontClass:Class = loadFont.getClass("HelveticaBoldCondensed"); Font.registerFont(fontClass); And this is what I get: argumentError: Error #1508: The value specified for argument font is invalid. at flash.text::Font$/registerFont() I can't figure out how to do this right. So disturbing! Please help!