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  1. I had played with fixed positioning and hiding it once you had scrolled far enough but it was messy. Sticky positioning was exactly what I was looking for so thank you!
  2. I'm creating a landing page and using GSAP to animate some text according the the user's scroll position. How can I keep the landing page in full view and only start scrolling down the page once the text animation has reached its end?
  3. Sorry I should have mentioned I'm using Foundation to make my site responsive and they've got a reset built in that sets the padding and margin of the body to 0. I'll play around with this thanks! ScrollMagic is making things more complicated than they need to be I guess.
  4. I've created an animated landing page for my portfolio using GSAP and ScrollMagic.js, but it's pretty resource intensive and I know my code isn't the most efficient. How can I modify the code to create a smoother and more robust animation? And how can my JavaScript be condensed and more efficiently written to avoid repetition? function pageScroll(e) { var clicked = e.currentTarget.id; if (clicked == "navWelcome") { TweenMax.to($('#mainNav'), 0.4, {x:windowWidth}); TweenMax.to(window, 0.8, {scrollTo:{y:"header"}, delay:0.3}); }else if (clicked == "arrow") { Twe