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  1. Perhaps it is because it is the very first forum I am participating in and therefore I am reading everything literally being afraid to do something wrong).
  2. This says "reply to this topic". To my thinking that would mean to reply to the topic I posted. Since when I reply I am thinking of replying to the response someone wrote to my topic the option "reply to the topic" feels not exactly correct. That is why I would choose to push button "quote" at least to make sure that I am replying to another person who wrote that quote. The only thing I did not realize that I can shorten that quote by deleting some of it's content. I believe that system works as it should, it is me seeing the meaning of words that I read did not match the intended meaning.
  3. okay. Thank you. Now I understand - I can delete things inside the quote. Got it. Sorry about it.
  4. Thank you, I wonder how to reply without copying the original response. I will try this way. The only reason why I did not use this way before was thinking that I will be replying to my own question instead of replaying to the one who answered my question.
  5. Thank you so much! Thank you for explaining it as well as fixing. I feel like I should be paying extra for all this help I receive. Greatly appreciated. I have a question about having other paths and running only one or two of them with DrawSVG plugin. So it is not doable? Let's say I have a big scene done with many paths but would like to animate with drawSVG only a few of them, The other ones I would like to be having different tweens using different plugins. It is not possible? Or I need to be placing them in different groups or divs? Thank you again for your time and effort to help me. I have artistic ideas ( being a visual artist) and learning programming and front web developing with animation to execute those ideas. So I am very new to it. Started in February this year.
  6. Learning Gems Article has just what I needed! Thank you again.
  7. I have no idea why I cannot make plugin to draw one path. Please, help me to figure this out. I did watch the tutorial and some pens but cannot understand what I am doing wrong. All I need there is just for TweenLite to draw one path. Does path have to be open? Thank you. https://codepen.io/katyasorok/pen/wmOoWE
  8. Thank you again. Yes, I understood your two ways to approach it. Thank you. I will dig into learning more about TimeScale. I have not learned it yet and have not seen the tutorial on it. Thank you again. You are really sooooo helpful. It is amazing.
  9. I wonder if there is a way to program as slowing down repetition. Let's say something has repetitive movement and I would like that repetitive movement either to slow down with every new repetition or speed up. Perhaps there is something with tutorial or docs on it. Thank you.
  10. Thank you. Yes, I forgot to take them off. They are there because at first I used TweenLite. Thank you. If I have a questions on totally different subject should I start another topic? I am really not too familiar how forums work. This is my first forum I have participated in. And I got so much help! Amazing. Thank you.
  11. Yay!!! That makes sense! It worked. I did not know about it. I thought it would not matter thinking that execution will only start after everything loads. Thank you!
  12. One more question since you are so kind _ to initialize the pre dependencies like TweenMax locally instead of from CDN - how would one do it? The way I was doing it is to copy the file I downloaded into structure of files for the site I am working on and reference those files in script tags in html file. I did it for some plugins and TweenMax.js and for my main.js where I write the script for animations. .. but it would not run my animations unless I place reference with CDN to TweenMax. <script src="js/main.js"></script> <script src="js/CSSPlugin.js"></script> <script src="js/EasePack.js"></script> <script src="js/TweenMax.js"></script> <script src="js/MorphSVGPlugin.js"></script> My question is if reference to my main.js works and main.js is in the same folder with other files that I placed in it from downloaded ones, than they should work without external reference to TweenMax through CDN? why wouldn't they? Thank you.
  13. OH! Thank you! it worked! I did have reference to TweenMax, but I replaced it with the one you gave and it started to work. Probably some stupid spelling mistake that auto complete suggested based on previous misspelling by me. Thank you. All worked.
  14. Here is my question about that last thing you mentioned. If you are referencing the original files you downloaded that are in some place in you computer and your site "reads" from reference of those files, how would it read and play animation once you transfer it to server? I thought that you need to include those files inside the structure of the site. It seems to me that you are making a reference to downloaded file from directory you placed it on your computer. I am very new to it. Possibly I am missing the understanding of something very basic. As for the first part on pre dependencies., yes, I have connected to TweenMax through CDN and it works on other animations without Morph. But it works from CDN. If I use the file I downloaded - it does not work. something I am doing wrong.