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  1. DoubleClick got back to me and basically said they couldn't help: "I’ve tried my best to get some insights over the SVG coding and have exhausted all my resources, unfortunately, as it’s extensively related to coding, couldn’t get any concrete answer on what was causing the issue. I’d suggest you please contact your creative agency, as they might be able to help with the coding. Sorry for not being of much help, and appreciate your understanding." I would imagine this issue is going to start coming up regularly, so hopefully at some point the right person starts looking into it. This is what the SVG injection code I used is: var container = $("#svgHolder"); var svgUrl = "graphics.svg"; $.get(svgUrl) .then(injectSvg) .always(startAnimation); function injectSvg(xmlDoc) { var svg = $(xmlDoc).find("svg"); container.append(svg); } Unfortunately it is using jQuery. I didn't have time to code a cross browser version that us jQuery free. jQuery from a CDN (gzipped) is only like 35k or so, in my case that was fine. The other annoyance is that because of ajax crossdomain issues, you won't be able to just open the html file in the browser to preview your work. You'll need to preview it through a webserver (eg localhost).
  2. When setting your tweens to useFrames for animation, will different browsers play it at different speeds? I'm tweening the opacity of an element on page and notice that it seems to play a lot faster in safari than chrome. Do they use different frame rates or is this likely a performance issue with Chrome?
  3. I tween the x position of an element and later want to check the current x position and use it elsewhere in my code. In Flash you would have just checked theMC.x to get the property. How would you do something like TweenMax.get(theElement, theProperty)? If you tween a css property like 'marginTop' you can later check the new/current css of 'margin-top.' But how would you do this for the special properties like 'x' in a cross browser way?
  4. I'm having an issue where VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_FULL fires immediately, it seems like it corresponds with the NetStream.Play.Start of the VideoLoaders netstream. I set my initial buffer to a long time, like 30 seconds but the VIDEO_BUFFER_FULL fires right away. If I listen to the NET_STATUS event and trace out info.code I see the actual NetStream.Buffer.Full event fire much later. Any tips? Thank You.
  5. the default volume for VideoLoader should be 1, but if you use a VideoLoaderVars to pass in the variables the default volume is NaN. I think the VideoLoadVars needs to be modified so: /** A value between 0 and 1 indicating the volume at which the video should play (default is 1).**/ public var volume:Number = 1; default of 1 is assigned to the variable volume.