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    Coding, working with wood and ringing the fire department after cooking the meal.

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  1. Hell yeah! It works! Thank you very much for your quick respons and solution(s). I'll take a closer look to your attached links and - as usual - it may take some time to understand what's written there 🙄 I've seen what you've done with the code. I changed it to test it online on this demo-homepage. It seems to work on first sight. 🙃
  2. Hi there! I have some issues with Greensock animations in this special case (see the attached CodePen). First: I am no professional coder and doing this just to feed my brain. So any explanation to help me should be as easy as possible To my case: On CodePen, I can't get life into the animation of the buttons like it should be and it is in the live view of my "Visual Studio Code". The buttons are triggered by the pointer position, following the movement of it a bit, getting a bit bigger and after leaving the trigger-area, the buttons are wobbling back to their original position and size. But, unfortunately, if the site-user is scrolling a bit, the trigger-area isn't longer matching the buttons, it is slightly above or below. Why is that? And what can I do to prevent that? I tried much and failed more than it is good for my ego. Thanks a lot for help in advance, I appreciate this very much!