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  1. Hi, yeah sorry it wasn't that clear, I'll post something soon to illustrate. Essentially though, I've noticed GSAP seems to fix a lot of CSS 3D glitches and peculiarities, so I was wondering if transforms on DOM elements can be done using a Z translation as a percentage, not possible in straight declaration it turns out because the aforementioned stuff. Hoping this was one of the annoying things GSAP fixes. Thanks for getting back
  2. Theres some very smart people on here, maybe you could help. Is there a use in GSAP for getting around a familiar issues, using %, vw/min/max as Z translation values? I get that the translation is interpreted as a factor of the element 2d dimensions so Z is zero and therefore trivial in use here. And I get you can do chained transforms with rotations, but I've found this doesn't play nicely in animation, some of the vectors and rotations in the chain get executed instantaneously at the end or the beginning of a CSS transform.