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  1. Hi! No rush. I have come up with a temporary solution. Everytime I turn on aspect ratio, I just make a new manager and remove the old one. But it sure would be nice to use a method instead. You should certainly enjoy your family vacation.
  2. Hi! First... GreenSock, I really admire your work! So why this post? I'm building a simple crop tool for a client, and they've demanded an option where the user can toggle between constraining aspect ratio or not. So I have a checkbox to toggle between aspect ratio or not... The checkbox is checked (aspect ratio is on), and I can drag the transformManager with aspect ratio. I turn of aspect ratio, and now I don't have aspect ratio. Everything works fine. I then turn aspect ratio on again. And yeah, I have a minimum size for the selected item, and what's supposed to happen is that when I decrease/scale down the manager it would stop at the minimum size. What happens is that either the box grows very fast either in x or y direction. What am I doing wrong?