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  1. Thanks for the reply, no problem for the confusion. I've tried again importing with import GSDevTools from 'gsap/GSDevTools'; but got the same error. I've already tried all these possibilities
  2. I think that one big cons with localStorage and sessionStorage is that your page transitions will not work with history on the browser. And the workaround for this issue make more convenient to use a SPA.
  3. Hey folks, I'm trying to setup GSDevTools on a Vuejs using Npm and Webpack. All the plugins are in the folder: /node_modules/gsap I'm using Vuejs and my component looks like: <template lang="html"> <div> <div id="animate" @click="animateIt"> content </div> </div> </template> <script> import {TimelineMax, CSSPlugin, Sine, GSDevTools} from 'gsap' export default { name: 'ComponentName', data: () => ({ var_1: 'dummy' }), methods: { animateIt: function() {