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  1. Hi @Shaun Gorneau, Thank you for the demo and your response. I appreciate. The intent is the second option, having each scale up/down when they reach certain trigger points with respect to the viewport width.
  2. @Shaun Gorneau, Thanks for the trick, I think the suggestion of @Accent will be better because I will want to control each element inside the animation by scaling up at 1/3 of the animation and then scale down before it disappears. I am out of office now but I will test both approaches and will let you know the one that is better in my case. Thank you
  3. Hi @Shaun Gorneau, What I want is each <div>(profile photo) to move across the screen and repeat itself immediately so I do not have the container empty at some points. When I made a group, the first element repeat itself just after the last one complete the animation and it's not the result that I want
  4. Hi @Accent, Thank you for your response. I will try that asap and let you know if it's working as expected. Thank you again.
  5. Hi @PointC, Thanks for your reply, here is the codepen of I want to realize. The starting has to be from CSS left values and I also want to scale up and scale down at some points of the animation. On mouseenter the all animations must pause and resume on mouseleave. Any help will be very welcomed.
  6. Hi Everybody, I am a newbie to GSAP, I'm trying to animate dynamic profile photos (except to have more than 50). I want the animation to start from the left CSS value and disappear to the left and then repeat by appearing to right and disappear to the left. I also want to change the scale property at some points during the animation. I used TimelineMax with staggerFromTo but the first photo profile does not appear again until the animation of the last one is completed. I want the photo to appear again as soon as it completes animation and from a different Y position. Can someone please give me some hints and any kind of advice/help for me to get started. This is very urgent for the project I am working in.