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  1. yea i see now. I guess i need to get some sleep. Its working now. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have the SimplyGreen licence, which seem to be working, since im able to use DrawSVGPlugin. But i cannot use the InertiaPlugin. I tried to install with yarn, with a token in a rc file, and also via the downloaded tgz file ( yarn add ./gsap-bonus.tgz ) but it won't download the InertiaPlugin. When i look in node_modules/gsap/all.js halve of the bonus exports is commented out (see screenshot). So why am i unable to download the InertiaPlugin ? Thanks for the help!!
  3. I also struggled with this issue, but it definitely is possible to use an Adobe Illustrator exported svg right away. I also used text to generate my paths in Illustrator via converting to 'outline'. Then i just use tweenMax to select the svg 'path' classname 'cls-1', and not the svg itself. See pen (changed classnames 'cls-1' to 'appicLogoPath'):