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  1. Hi again, I have realised that if I serve this script locally (copy your version and link it js/ScrollToPluginCustom.js) it doesn't work! So I got my team to host the file on Amazon s3 like you have, and behold the miracle it works! I didn't want to link to your S3 file in case you delete it. Thank you very much for all the help. I am a huge fan of Greensock as you can see in my personal artwork: http://archibaldbutler.com http://archibaldbutler.com/news/killuminati/ http://archibaldbutler.com/news/african-diamonds/ For my next project I want to d
  2. Thank you very much for the few hours of digging! Hugely appreciated, I would never have found this on my own. I created a Codepen with your revised script: The Codepen works in IE10 now, unfortunately, it didn't fix my website! I am going to try commenting other stuff out to see why. I will update this thread when I find something. Thanks again. Archie
  3. Hi So I did the steps you mentioned. Updated JS links to Scrollto, Jquery latest and Tweenmax. Did a console log, and the coordinate calculation is slightly different on IE10 - IE11. At this point I was lost so I created a Codepen for you without all the excess code and the error is still there. At least this helps pin point it wasn't a conflict. Here it is(to be checked in IE10 vs IE11): Let me know if you see anything. Thanks again. Archie.
  4. Thanks so much for the responses, hugely appreciated, I will try this out and get back to you.
  5. Hi I am having a conflict I can't replicate. The solution works fine in the codepen( If you look at the codepen in IE10, the effect works perfectly (place div in center of viewport on click), but in my finished page, the scrollTo just goes all over the place and lands in a different position each time. It works fine in IE11 but not IE10 which is a requirement for my client. I tried matching the codepen function exactly to my production functions but the error still occurs. Here is a copy for your review that is condensed: window.