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  1. Thanks Mikel, I'm trying to first start from all the letters on top of each other in Z space, and then stretch them out with a bounce. Using margin-right I'm able to get some of them on top of each other in Z space, but some of them are now also above and below in y space (on 3 lines) when i use margin-right with the negative number. why is that happening and how to stop it, so that it's just one line? Also I don't seem to be able to get a nice bounce to happen at the end when I stretch them out again, or to stop them going on two or three lines for a moment or two... Any ideas? https://codepen.io/LeafySeadragon/pen/zYYyNNo . -
  2. I'm trying to start with a pile of all the letters up on top of one another on the right, and then stretch them out from right to left. If one could animate letter-spacing smoothly for instance, it would be something like letter-spacing 0 to letter-spacing 2 stretching from right to left, however I've not been able to get smooth animation using css letter-spacing. So I'm trying to do something similar using splittext. However I don't seem to be able to first pile up the letters on top of one another, and then stretch them out. It would make sense to use the set command to stack the letters. Hmmm... maybe I need a forEach loop with an incrementing distance? Any ideas gratefully appreciated!
  3. Thank you. Excellent answer. There's a reason for the images / pngs / mc's being the way they are with all the empty space. I just changed the registration point and now they're working fine. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much @Carl and @ZachSaucier Here's the file, you can see it's animating alpha, but not scale: http://deepplanet.com/test.zip
  5. I'm unable to get any scaling to happen using GSAP in an html5 environment in Animate CC 2019. I'm trying the following: TweenMax.to(this.s1, 2.5, {delay: 0.25, scale:2, alpha:1}); Alpha works correctly, but not scale, it does not scale. Also scaleX and scale Y is not working, I tried the following: TweenMax.to(this.s1, 2.5, {delay: 0.25, scaleX:2, scaleY:2, alpha:1}); Again the alpha works, but the element does not scale. How do I get GSAP to scale movieclips in Animate CC 2019? Thanks.
  6. Yes!

    Selectors issue.

    Perfect, thanks so much.
  7. Yes!

    Selectors issue.

    Simple problem with my selectors, for some reason my very simple code is not working What am I doing wrong? JS: var m = document.querySelector("#m"); TweenLite.to("m", 3.5, {x:150, y:200, rotation:30, alpha:0.3}); CSS: #m { background-image: url("http://i.imgur.com/kBaLqYH.png"); width: 150px; height: 150px; } HTML: ​<div id="m"></div> Here's a codepen: http://codepen.io/LeafySeadragon/pen/gpdQbG
  8. @Jonathan, can you clarify implementation of using document.querySelectorAll() ? You suggest to use the following instead of jquery selectors: var elements = document.querySelectorAll(selectors); // or use var element = document.querySelector(selector); Then do you just need to do the following? Is this it? //select a single element by it's ID TweenLite.to("#elementId", time, vars); //select one or more elements by class name TweenLite.to(".elementClass", time, vars); Also doing things this way, how would you suggest preloading image assets (other than using sprite sheet)?
  9. Great! Can you point me to a resource on how to run multiple timelines at the same time? Basically, in pixi.js, I want to run one timeline tween set on a background element and a 2nd timeline set on foreground elements. The tweens will be dictated by the y position of a pixi.Point driven by the scrolling mouse or arrow keys.
  10. Is it possible to run multiple timelines at the same time?
  11. Thank you both! Super helpful. I'm wanting to implement this in Pixi.js. I love Greensock so it's a natural way for me to go. Carl ScrollMagic looks amazing! What do you think it's benefits are over skrollr.js?
  12. Instead of using a time element to run the tween for x seconds, and instead of saying if y = (a number) run tween, I want the tween to be completely tied to the y mouse movement so when I scroll down or up, I can essentially 'scroll' the tween. Basically the tween would be updating every 24 sec or whatever, and running in sync with the mouse movement. so that the tween moves with the y of the mousescroll. Let say I have something like: TweenLite.to(element, 2, {scale:1.5, x:10, y:0, alpha:0}); I could say if y == 400 run tween but it would just execute and be finished. But I want this tween to run y 400 to 450, so not use a time element (currently 2sec), but two y positions instead. So then if I moved the y with my mousescroll to 410, 20% of the the tween would have run in sync with my mouse scroll, if I moved the mouse back to 400, the tween would reverse back to the beginning in sync with the mouse movement, if I moved it to 403, a tiny amount of the tween would happen, etc, etc so the tween events always stay in sync with the mouse scroll y. Does this make sense? How would I do this? Can I do this with greensock?
  13. I was playing around with using LoaderMax to load some flv's, I ran into problems with the seek bar and showing current time / total duration. If someone can point me to a great reference in doing this when using LoaderMax to load the video that would be awesome. Thanks
  14. Hi there, I'm exploring LoaderMax for loading flv's. I am using the onComplete command. Are videos loaded with LoaderMax downloading progressively? ( ie playing before they have finished?) or are they downloading completely (due to the onComplete command) before they play? If they are downloading completely, how do I get it to download progressively and start playing after only some of the video is downloaded? And how do I change the amount needed to buffer before it plays? If indeed I actually need to do that? Does putting a buffer command in the loader string mean that the onComplete now refers to not the completion of the video completely downloading, but completion of the loader string, which includes a buffer command, and theirfore the download is now progressive as its acting on the buffer command?