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  1. Hi Greensock, thanks on your reply. What about LiquidStage and LiquidArea. Do I really need both or can I use only LiquidArea for my purpose. I don't need pinpointed things, all I want is my images, videos and other static content re-sizes. Does the LiquidArea work without a liquid stage?
  2. Hi there, I purchased the Greensock club membership mainly because I have to develop liquid size SWFs. Therefor the LiquidStage and LiquidArea seemed perfect. But working with this now for 1 week I don't fully understand the concept of these two. What I primary need is to have re-sizable SWF, where all display objects re-scale if I scale the main movie within limits of that SWF. That works great but I have few questions: 1. I have a main SWF file which loads other exterlan SFWs in run-time (as3 with use of SWFLoader). Those are added to display list. So if I resize main SWF, the content in loaded SWFs resize too. Now I am doing it like this: I have LiquidStage and LiquidArea defined in the main SWF and I attach external SWFs to it: _externalSwf = _swfLoader.rawContent; addChild(_externalSwf as Sprite); _area.attach(_externalSwf as Sprite); Then in external SWFs I load some external images and videos. In them I also use LiquidStage and LiquidArea again in the same way when adding these images and videos... This all works, but I wonder If this is the right concept? Or can I use LiquidStage and LiquidArea only in main SWF and all the content in loaded SWFs will be resized properly if I resize main SWF? 2. If I attach any display object which has Z property set to > or < then 0 then the attach method fails, saying can not use property of null object, or something like this? Thank you, Jume
  3. Hi there, I was able to figure it out myself with the rawContent property. That worked for me as expected! And yes I am much enjoying the bonus stuff, especially the things for layout. Thanks also on your quick reply. Best regards, Jume
  4. Hi All, I have become a member of GreenSock and purchased the yearly subscription. I use the SWFLoader to load external SWF files like this var loader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("Gallery.swf", {name:"UNIGallery", onComplete:onSWFLoadComplete}); loader.load(); How do I access the base document class in that SWF file? I have few public functions in that SWF document class that I would like to access after SWF is loaded. It's very unclear to me from docs how to do that. Using the flash's build in Loader classes it's easy to achieve that with LoaderInfo: var loader:Loader = new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoadComplete); loader.load(new URLRequest('ExternalMovie.swf')); private function onLoadComplete(e:Event):void { var loaderInfo:LoaderInfo = e.target as LoaderInfo; addChild(e.target.content); var swf:Object = loaderInfo.content; swf.alert('Hello World'); // where alert is a public function in SWF document class } How to achieve this with GreenSock's SWFLoader? Thank you, Jume