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  1. Thanks for your answers @PointC @Carl ! That's true! Now this is working like a charm ! Thanks For information, i don't use Draggable to reorder thumbs like in your demo @Carl, I'm trying to reproduce this gallery from Poignée de Main Virile: http://fubiz.studio/projects , sorry for being poorly expressed I don't know if i'm actually using draggable in the good way or not ... [Update] Codepen edited
  2. Hi there ! Starting to get some fun with GSAP ! I'm trying to create an infinite draggable gallery. For this, i started by creating an Isotope grid. Now i want to add the GSAP Draggable plugin but nothing is moving. Draggable creates an intermediate div in my Isotope grid and i think that's what actually break everything. Any idea to fix this ? Thanks for your help