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  1. ok thats sounds great , but there is a problem in my code related to gsap , there is function name , runSlide which handle the slide in and elements in animation , which working fine and another function name finishslide which handel element out and slide out , as you can see in my file html , elements in are come in sequence and element out are going all togther why its happend i am able to understand , in finishslide function (jquery.slider.js ) , please take a look
  2. Hi , guys i create a slider , in which i am first check out the attachment , the problem is with my slideout , my first slide animation is from top to bottom and second slide animation is bottom to top , user can decide the slide animation duration through html , the problem is with slide out animation there is a gap between slides , if user not set the same animation speed for slide in and slide out , i check out revolution slider , then i noticed there is no slideout animation option which user can set , so how its work ? how revolution slider slideout the animation ?? please help me to complete my slider https://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/slide-animation/ slider .zip
  3. Ok can you please teach me how to create parrllax effect to slide image + a div inside the slide both user can set percenteage of parralax like 10% , 15% so on... https://revolution.themepunch.com/parallax-scroll/ and thanks for your help , its really help me a lot , just help me with this , i know lots of js plugins available but i want to know how to create with gsap thanks again
  4. Please check the demo and play the slider by clicking next arrow, and box slide animation is on 11 or 12 slide , please tell me how i can create it with gsap , because its already created on gsap thanks https://revolution.themepunch.com/unlimited-transitions-slider/
  5. Hi @Sahil and all i try the above method which working great only when you a single tween in it , if i add , fromto, from and to tween seprately its not working single tween which working great add a (To) Tween to object and its not working ,
  6. Hi sahil can you please help me in the codepen , my problem is not solved yet , i am posting a reply in few minutes 

    1. Bigtreat


      hi , i post a reply with new codepen please see and let me know thanks for your help 

  7. yes, i want which you mention in your second point (2), can you please provide me any codepen for that , please and i am not able to edit the title of my post
  8. i am still not able to find anyway to edit the title , i go to dashboard -> my activity -> lef side menu post -> no option to edit the post
  9. Please All of You see the video , in this video i am not taking about how cool animation are playing , i am taking about when i click on layer and then when i switch to another layer of text, animations are changing, previous text layer animation are stop immediately , that i am not able to achieve even with a click of button video files is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f9OUZmZ9X7pnNp1W5mDbCXw91TXEp7tA
  10. Hi accent thanks for your reply, first I want to know is there any way to rename my post and let u know I want to create a slider like revolution slider in WordPress, I think I know about it you can build slides in slider editor there is a feature to start and stop animation , I also learning from them they are using. Clear and kill for Tim line lite object to stop a animation of selected text Layer but it was not working for me, any other suggestions
  11. Thanks sahil, I want to know this will only remove css related to gsap animation right??