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    pushing divs

    @Visual-Q Thanks a lot, it work perfectly, but i have a question, why you dont use Boostrap?
  2. asaelz

    pushing divs

    we want to achieve, by clicking on any column this column will expand to 100% of its container and push the other columns off the screen workaround: By expanding the column by increasing the width: the problem is that the column expands from point x0 to 100% (that's how css works) but by doing this, for example, by clicking on the second column, how do we make the column expand from the center to both sides at the same time? this is for the purpose of emulating that the column pushes the other columns off the screen at the same time.
  3. asaelz

    pushing divs

    Hi guys, i try to expand a div but when it expanded i want to push all the other content, something like that The whole idea is, when a column gets clicked or scrolled it must push the other columns an when its done pushing it must fade and then appear a background image