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  1. I was wondering if you are planning to add skew handlers/functionality anytime soon for the TransformManager. It's one of the few transformations I miss in the transformanager.
  2. I have a suggestion for a new TransformManager feature: snapping. For certain projects it can be really handy if the user is able to align movieclips relative to other movieclips. Flash (IDE) has a great implementation of this functionality, it displays a line if one of the corner coordinates comes near the X or Y coordinate of a corner of another object. The element you are dragging snaps to the displayed line. It also works for the edges of the canvas/stage. This functionality would be a great addition to TransformManager. I need this functionality for a new project. The alternative would be for me to develop it myself, but I think it should be integrated with TransformManager. Is it something you would consider adding? Btw; I am a big fan of TransformManager, thanks for all the hard work and great support!
  3. Did some testing, behaviour is ok but the cursor is not the right type (rotated).
  4. I have a TransformManager instance inside a child movieclip. If I rotate the parent movieclip the wrong custom cursors are used and the handles do not work not as expected. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? I would rather not have to place the TransformManager inside the parent clip because there are multiple childs with their own TransformManager instances.
  5. Another request; would it be possible to add a setting for the border width of a selection? Just like you can change the color?
  6. Hi Jack, I see in the ASDocs of TransformManager that there are minScale and maxScale properties. But I am using scaleMode TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT, would it be possible to add the properties minWidth, maxWidth, minHeight & maxHeight? I need that functionality for my current project. Thank you! A very satisfied TransformManager customer .